About us

NewDay Kids Early Learning Centre opened it’s doors on the 13th November 2017.


We are open Monday to Friday, from 6.30am to 6pm, 50 weeks of the year.


We cater for 58 children per day, aged between 0-5 years.


Our Centre has three separate rooms where children are provided with their own natural play spaces and outdoor areas.


Our very own cook provides scrumptious and nutritious meals daily.

Mission Statement & Philosophy

Mission Statement

NewDay Kids Early Learning Centre’s mission is to provide children with the opportunity to experience Excellence in Early Learning, an Intentional Family Environment and an energetic encouragement to Live Life to the Full!


Excellence in Early Learning

NewDay Kids environment and program is based on the Early Years Learning Framework, which offers purposeful experiences that seek to establish the love of learning and a strong sense of self in each child.  Likewise, across our entire curriculum we seek to establish excellent foundations of literacy and numeracy, and other pre-academic skills through responsive and intentional teaching.

Within the framework of play-based education, our educators will also perform an important role of supporting your child’s learning. Therefore, a key function of NewDay Kids educators is providing resources that will enhance your child’s connections, creativity, and ability to construct and solve problems. Our firm aim is to maintain the balance between experiences, which are initiated by the children, and those supported and facilitated by thoughtful and intentional teaching.


Intentional Family Environment

Core to NewDay Kids culture is placing a high value on providing an environment that feels like family for all children, parents and staff. We understand that the natural consequence of being nurtured is key to emotional health, physical, and mental development that produces a sense of belonging, self worth, and social connection. Similarly, we recognise the importance of nature and will endeavour to promote practices that care for and nurture our environment.

Our staff will foster positive and respectful relationships between each other, our parents, and our extended families. Children and families are our most precious resource. Therefore, each staff member is expected to bring fundamental qualities of empathy, compassion, respect and warmth to our NewDay Kids family.


Live Life to the Full

NewDay Kids has a strong link to NewDay Church, and is therefore equally committed to the core mission of creating opportunities for people to experience Jesus and the fullness of life He offers.  In other words, we want our children to flourish in an environment of fun, hope, joy, kindness, and love. Our NewDay Kids staff will foster these basic Christian values of love, while firmly respecting the cultural diversity and beliefs held by all those who attend the centre.

Whilst we welcome and will engage with children and families of all faiths and cultural backgrounds, NewDay Kids will intentionally celebrate key religious events in the Christian calendar, for example Christmas and Easter. In so doing, we will endeavour to create a bridge between NewDay Kids, all families and the wider community.

Being grounded in NewDay Church’s concept of love, NewDay Kids will provide an energetic setting that encourages every child to develop spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically. We will create opportunities where children can be free to live life to the full both here at NewDay Kids and in the future.