Our program is based on the National Quality Standard & within that incorporates the Early Years Learning Framework.  It is enriched constantly to ensure we are catering for and including topics that are of current interest to the children & relates to their level of development. Our program aims to be flexible & emergent.

Each child will have progress records maintained for the purpose of programming, planning and exchanging information with parents while they are in attendance at NewDay Kids. These records, along with the children’s current interests and proficiencies, form the basis of our daily program. All children will experience learning that is engaging & encourages them to be successful in life.

Fundamental to the Early Years Learning Framework is a view of children’s lives as characterised by Belonging, Being, & Becoming which becomes apparent through the five learning outcomes within the Early Years Learning Framework:

– Children have a strong sense of identity

– Children are connected with and contribute to their world

– Children have a strong sense of wellbeing

– Children are confident and involved learners

– Children are effective communicators

Our Weekly Program outline is in each room for you to peruse. We also communicate through our OWNA App to allow you to see how your child has engaged in specific activities throughout the day. These experiences evolve through their immediate interest and are extended by the Educators, through the provision of stimulating experiences. Our program also includes  ‘Munch ‘n’ Move’ each day, which promotes healthy eating and physical activity and movement.

The program will also run both incursions and excursions throughout the year for all the children to participate in.

School Readiness

Our School Readiness Program encourages the development of each child’s self- esteem and confidence. Our educators promote a program to enhance independence and self-help skills.  We encourage children to make positive choices within their peer groups and to interact with in both small and large group experiences.

We strive to apply a curriculum that enhances the children’s cognitive and problem solving skills, through discovery, as well as, educators extending the children’s curiosity through research, extending the children’s knowledge.

A focus on literacy, numeracy and science concepts are incorporated into the program, to prepare the children for their transition for school.