What Do I Need to Bring?


For independence, we work towards all children being able to recognise and open their own bag. Let them be involved in selecting the bag and taking ownership of it. Please ensure it is large enough to hold all their belongings and is clearly labelled.


Our service supports breastfeeding. Families that are breastfeeding should speak to the educators to be aware of our policies on storing and serving breast milk. Families that are formula feeding should also consult our supervisors to be aware on how we need the formula prepared and stored.


It is helpful to your child if they are dressed in non- restrictive, serviceable, easy to wash clothes so that they feel free to join in all the activities and to develop independence. We have a uniform that children are provided with upon enrolment. This includes a hat and t-shirt.  You can purchase additional shirts and hats if required.

We encourage you to dress your child in their uniform each day they attend. It helps them to feel included, bond with their peers and not worry about getting messy.

Our hats are wide brimmed which helps the children to stay safe in the sun. Shoes also need to allow children freedom to run, climb, hop & jump as well as being easy for them to take off and put on by themselves.

Unsuitable shoes are thongs and we prefer that these are NOT worn to our service. Lace up joggers or sandals are appropriate.

Please note that the uniform is not compulsory. If you choose not dress your child in our uniform please be aware that clothing such as long dresses, overalls, braces, belts and stiff buttons can prove a problem for children who need to go to the toilet. We require all t-shirts to have sleeves and we advise against mid-drift tops.

Spare Clothes

Every now and then accidents occur and it may be necessary for your child to get changed into a fresh set. Please include a complete change of clothes every day which can stay in your child’s bag…just in case!


Our service has an abundance of toys and we ask that children do not bring in toys from home. This eliminates toys getting lost, broken, disappointment for other children and responsibility on Educators to track numerous toys throughout the day.